Susan Jane Rose (Susan Zeegers, Amsterdam, 1979) is a performing and teaching artist from the Netherlands. From a young age she actively participated school events and creative school subjects.
She grew up near the area of Amsterdam at het IJsselmeer and then spent most of her childhood in Zuid-Limburg. In High school she was an active participant in the local school musical at the Stella Maris College in Meerssen and from the age of 17 she occasionaly joined the Café Chantant theater group in Maastricht led by Thei Dols and Manuel Speth.


Despite her love for music she believed that it was going to be very hard to live from music only and so she started studying at the University of Utrecht and later finished a college education. It was in this period of her life that she was most unhappy.
But music kept inviting her and at the age of 26 she decided to enter the stage as a singer-songwriter. Not long after that she performed in different kinds of clubs & theaters in all of the Netherlands. She was the support act of Jazz musician Wouter Hamel, often joined the Club Dauphine stage where all kinds of known and unknown artists come together every Friday (like Candy Dulfer, John Keith, Roger Happel, Sharon Doorson, Sherry Dyanne, Shirma Rouse and many more …) and she also collaborated with other musicians (Leine, Desperados BFDM and more) with whom she performed on stages like de Kleine Komedie and Paradiso in Amsterdam. Beside that, Susan has been, and still is, a welcome guest on numerous Livingroom concerts.

First album

Since her own name was used by multiple other musicians in the Netherlands, she changed hers. With using her pseudonym “Susan Jane”, her first album “Clarity of Mind” was released in 2012. All songs from this album were written and produced by herself. For the recordings she collaborated with a group of very talented Dutch musicians.

Writing & Singing from the heart

After surviving a burn-out in 2013 she decided to start teaching her life lessons through music and share. Since then, she teaches singing, music expression and songwriting for kids and adults. Her music workshop “Writing & Singing from the heart” inspires participants to remember who they truly are and how to stay authentic.

Music from the Well

In 2015 Susan started a musical collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and life partner Will Sophie, and together they form a duo named “Music from the Well”. Later on, their musical teachings merged into a creative music center in Almere. Susan’s educational program merged with Will’s and they also teach together.

In 2017 their first album “Unity in Diversity” was released: the result of multiple improvisation sessions which they recorded before.


Another music project Susan started, came from her love for kids and nature. By the name “Vocaaltjes” she’s vlogging about nature while singing easy to learn songs for toddlers (and for those grown up kids who secretly want to join as well).

Susan Jane Rose

Besides vocal- & singer-songwriting coach, Susan is still performing as a performing artist and working on a new album which she has been writing over the last years.

In 2019 Susan started to use the name “Susan Jane Rose” since her formal pseudonym was also used by another artist which resulted in lots of confusion.

Susan Jane Rose stands for her first name (Susan), her second name (Jane) and her love for nature (Rose): a unity of three.

1996, Susan (on the left lying on the piano) with the theater company “Café Chantant” in the foyer of the Schouwburg Maastricht (with Thei Dols en Manuel Speth)