Susan Jane Rose (1979) is an artist and teacher from the Netherlands. As a singer-songwriter she toured small and larger theatres, clubs and living rooms for years, where she performed her own work. When she received an offer from a large record label to be promoted as an artist in the higher segments of the music industry, she consciously declined the offer. She also rejected participation in the Voice of Holland program several times.

As a woman, Susan has learned so far in her life to step into her own power, to listen to her own intuition and to honor her womanhood. And she is still learning every day.

After Susan has had a number of intense spiritual experiences in her life, she has radically turned her life around.

Susan sings, plays guitar and the native flute and is a graphic designer, digital creative, illustrator and painter. Susan guides children and adults both artistically in music & art lessons and with the things they encounter in life in coaching sessions. Susan’s lifestyle is compassionate living, taking on life, living through, not ‘fixing’ but giving space to emotions and experiencing life from the heart.

Do you want to unleash your true potential? Do you want more peace in your life, discover who you really are and do what you really like?

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