New single!

Music and Lyrics: Colorizers
Drums & Guitars: Dirk Vermeij
Bass: Franklin Heilijgers
Vocals: Susan Jane Rose
Audio recordings, mix & master: Dirk Vermeij at the Voodoo Lounge
Camera: Cottonbro
Video editing: Elephant sees Elephant

With your support I can
release my new album “Inner Peace”.

My name is Susan Jane Rose and I am a 42 year old singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. In recent years, after releasing my debut album, I have written a collection of songs that I would like to release on a next album called “Inner Peace”. Unlike my first album, this one will be a more intimate one. It concerns English and instrumental songs of which I released the first single “Hold On” on youtube last February 2, 2022 (see video).

This album is characterized by a calming and meditative style and I can’t wait to start the recording process in the studio! I have already recorded all the demo recordings myself in recent years and now I am ready for the final versions. This album is a collection of personal experiences that I have translated into music while being in nature and in my living room. The lyrics are improvised and have had a healing effect on me. Now I would like to share this musical journey through important life events and fascinations with you. The album reflects a diversity of intimate songs coming from my heart. Some of them I’ve played live before and others have never been shared.

In recent years, many people have regularly told me at intimate living room concerts, where I played solo, that my singing voice touches them deeply. It is my wish that I can capture these unreleased, intimate songs so that many can listen to the final result on all streaming services.

Since there has been no income from concerts for me in the past two years (due to corona restrictions), I would be very grateful if you would support this project. The money you contribute goes towards the hiring of musicians, studio costs, artwork, production, mixing, mastering, the online distribution and promotion of the album.

I hope you consider supporting this project unconditionally. With your help, “Inner Peace” can come to life.

Thank you very much!