Singing and writing as an outlet

As a young girl and teenager, she started writing her own songs. It was a way for her to cope with the many emotions a teenage life can bring.

Heed your desires

An often heard response to her music is: “Oh how handsome!”

She never really understood that. Why did they think it was well done? Singing and writing has always been a matter of course for her. She had such a deep desire and she simply responded. And so she learned to play the guitar and sing by herself, simply because she really wanted to give shape to what she had already heard and felt inside. Something in her always had to sing, much to the chagrin of family and friends.

Be like the children

Do you also feel the need to sing and write but are you somehow holding back? Just start writing and singing! It doesn’t matter what others will think. Be as children are: spontaneous and without judgment. Have no expectations, just play with it.
Her tip is always: tell a story. As you would tell it to a friend in the pub but then start singing the same story with melodies. Any melodie that pops up! Record it and rehearse it.

Old audio recordings of cassette tapes and VHS

Herewith a video with 36 music fragments from her childhood when she started writing songs intensively from the moment she got a guitar, microphone, a keyboard and a multi-track cassette deck. These are covers, mainly performed during the school cabaret at the Stella Maris College high school and much by her own written work.

It’s a booooooooring long video, she realizes, so feel free to skip if you’re really bored!! If you watch the video in youtube there is an index under the video so you can skip faster;)

Your writing process

At the age of 40 she wanted to share these long lost records with the aim of sharing the vulnerability and drive of the young girl she once was. Purely for inspiration in the hope that you recognize it in yourself and feel more free in your own writing process.