Never compare yourself to another

That is what I learned at the Utrecht art academy when I attended an orientation year in addition to my full-time job. I followed my heart and started that education next to my 50-hour working week at Nickelodeon, where I was a web designer. It turned out that I was not able to combine everything and I decided not to pursue the art academy because I needed money to live from … but I am so happy that I got to work at the art academy and decided for myself: never compare yourself to another!!

It's a drive from within

Be inspired, but dare to embody your own uniqueness. People will always give it a thumbs down, others will lift it. But you are not dependent on “likes”. Making art is a lifestyle and if you really are in your own fantasy world, you make art because it makes you feel happy. It is a drive from within. Follow your heart and DO IT without expectations.

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