On the 5th of October 2016 Will Sophie and Susan performed with their band Music from the Well at the Cruise Terminal of Rotterdam for the King of the Netherlands.

Yes, for Willem-Alexander & associates. It was the 400th anniversary of Vopak.

They had never seen a puppet show like this before. Passports had to be shown to enter … (er .. théy hired them?) Military unit everywhere … An atmosphere of tension … because “the king” could enter at any moment.

Together with Lucas Beukers, Arthur Bont and Suzan van den Engel they were ready on stage to start their performance.


A few minutes before, someone from the organization came up to them and whispered to Susan, “Start playing as soon as the king comes in.” He pointed to the curtain directly across from her, which was about 50 meters in front of her and closed. “Okay, she thought.” … “What a strange sensation …” she thought. “She had to sing for Willem-Alexander and his entourage in a moment and she should be nervous now.”

However, when the king entered, she felt … nothing.


She sang, she sang and sang the hall. They played their program and she just looked at the masks … people dressed in suits and the most beautiful dresses … champagne, wine, caviar, tight faces. In the undertow, she felt the thrill of the guests who were only occupied with one thing and that was “seeing the King!”.

Why did no one see themselves?

She found it extremely fascinating how quickly a person can lose himself in adoration. How man wants to caress the ego by saying “I have seen, touched, greeted him or her, I have been able to say something!”

What does that say about the beliefs of these people? Why do they adore another? What is adoration?


Susan is eternally grateful for this experience. She felt nothing, nothing when Alexander entered and walked their way. She saw an ordinary, sympathetic man, caught in a puppet show.

When the king had left within 20 minutes, peace returned to the room.

In the Universe of Susan, the King is one with the people.

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