Panic attacks

In 2012 I wrote this song “rewrite”. It was a year of very hard times in my personal life which resulted in lots of panic attacks. A panic attack feels as if you can’t breathe anymore and you’re going to faint. I personally thought I was going to die. It feels as if you don’t know where you are anymore and as if you are being dependent on others. Sweaty hands, restless intestines, loud heartbeat etc. The whole thing.

Rewrite your story

In that same year I decided to breath in some fresh air, leave my office and to go outside more often and I remember sitting at one of the most beautiful nature spots in Amsterdam where I was simply watching people passing by. It’s then when I realised there was more peace in my body for a very long time. I discovered that if I changed my focus, my body would immediately respond. There would be peace inside. So instead of sitting in my house and thinking about all the bad luck that had happened in my life or was going to happen in my life I was just sitting there en being with everything around me. Ever since I train myself to be aware of what I’m thinking and I rewrite my story when I start feeding lies and thoughts which keep me away from the truth.

Fear? That’s ok

This corona virus of today is stirring up so much fear worldwide, it’s more important than ever to coach yourself. Stay positive and if you feel unable to detach from all negative media: change your focus. Yes, it’s there.
Go read something positive or go do something you like. It’s totally fine to feel fear, since fear is something you HAVE, it’s not something you ARE.

Accept it, invite it to the table and then change your focus.

Stay with yourself in this time of big change. Hang in there!

One of my ways to change my focus is to sing and play the guitar. That way I can connect to the true me and it instantly makes me feel at peace. From today on I will share some of my what I call “home sessions” with you. This way, I hope to inspire you and make you feel at ease as well.

What is your way of feeling at ease? What relaxes you?

Make sure you free your mind and get out there in nature! With 5 feet distance from the others ….;)

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